Businesses that don't compete intelligently online are doomed to swim around the murky ooze of the internet with thousands of other larvae.

Leaders who use data to manage their business are 2x more likely to hit their growth targets.*

  1. As your #CMO4Hire, we'll analyze your current and ongoing digital brand performance to create a constantly adapting strategic marketing playbook unique to your business.

  2. Working with your team, we'll accelerate your online success with monthly bundled packages of our digital brand marketing management services

  3. We do this by using data. We help you define, measure, forecast, track and understand your online marketing & sales Key Performance Indicators (KPI's).

  4. Along the way, you'll learn lots about how to run your business online. Time to get started?

Your Digital Brand Manager takes a comprehensive, measured approach to generate more online traffic / leads / sales and increase your company's equity.

There's so much more to your online success than glossy pictures on your website. Let's get "under the hood" and figure out a playbook to help you maximize your digital presence.
"Get Started With

Your Digital Brand"

Tired of your tired marketing messages? Suffering from "Featuritis?" How do you figure out what your brand REALLY does for your client? And, what copy goes on your website?

Your website is the centre of your Digital Brand universe. It needs to first attract traffic and secondly, convert traffic to leads and sales. Websites also need to perform technically; as Google Partners, we can design, develop and launch your next website project. We'll also provide ongoing monthly maintenance for both branding and IT technical work:

SEO optimization includes a lot of moving parts, including keyword research, content publishing calendar, managed content creation (ghostwritten blog posts, eBooks, videos) and ongoing measurement and tweaking for SEO Excellence.

We can create, manage and optimize your PPC Pay-per-click online ad campaigns using Google AdWords, Bing Ads, social Ads (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube):

Website design & development

Security & Hack Prevention

Paid Advertising

Our Famous 
Digital Brand Audit


Organic Search (SEO)

Don't be one of the 40% of small businesses that gets hacked. Increased attacks from viruses, spiders and even annoying intrusions like referral spam are damaging your online brand. The best prevention is ongoing monthly detection and protection:

Social Media

Grow your reach through social channels. Develop your customer community and engage your customers. You can rely on us for social distribution, engagement, content curation, follower growth, scheduling and more.

Our CMO4Hire Marketing Management Services

For fffsd

What marketing do you need? All or some? We can tailor a monthly bundle of managed services suited to your business, your team's skill-set, and the industry in which you compete. No cookie cutter solutions here 'cause your business ain't no cookie.

Marketing Automation

List management, drip campaigns, email newsletters, signup forms; all CASL compliant (Canada Anti-Spam Law).

Your Digital Brand Manager is your quarterback

Once your playbook has been created, as online marketing technologists, your Digital Brand Manager will roll up their sleeves and take care of lots of stuff, work with your internal team to help accelerate your online, and also manage projects through other members of our team and local/global sub-contractors that can take care of ALL your to-do's.

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